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KeyFM is an online radio station which brings together friends and family to listen to some of the hottest tunes happeni

**What is KeyFM?**

KeyFM is a international, non-profit and licensed radio station which strives for the 100% best. We strive to create the best entertainment for our listeners world-wide, all you need is the internet to tune in.



!help - List Commands

!join - Joins your VC and plays KeyFM

!leave - Leaves the VC you are in.

!nowplaying - Tells you what is playing right now

!timetable - Tells you who is up now, next and also later.

!request (mesage) - Send a request to the on air DJ


**Social Media**

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KeyFMRadio

Twitch: https://twitch.tv/KeyFMRadio

Discord: https://kfm.ooo/discord

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