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This is a bot with its main goal to be to help you get friends on discord. It's like a delivery bot that you can request

Hi, I'm Friendbot, a bot that helps people get friends by users using the +order (friend name), and someone from the server will join the server and talk to them, and hopefully become their friend! We also have: Currency! Some Games! Some Moderation Commands!

What we have:
- A command to help you make friends
- Economy
- Some Moderation 
- Some Games


- help ; shows how to use all the commands, you can ping the bot to run this command as well
- about ; tells you about the bot and where to start
- profile ; shows a users profile.
- bal ; shows how much money you, or another user has. 
- bio ; set or see your bio.
- daily ; Gives you your daily credits
- reqFriend; Feeling lonely, or just want some friends? Run this command to request a friend.
- cancel; cancels any current requests for friends from you.
- givemoney ; allows you to give money to people   
- wrapGift ; Allows you to wrap a gift to give to somone.
- giveItem ; give an item to another person.
- inv ; Allows you to see what's in your inventory
- useItem ; Allows you to open a gift/use any item in your inventory.
- coinflip ; Flips a coin for a 50 50 chance to win or loose 10 credits
- shop ; shows you the shop
- buy ; lets you buy items from the shop.
- setSocials ; Allows you to set your socials.   (Alpha feature, may be removed or changed)
- socials ; Allows you to see your socials or if you mention somone you can see their socials.   (Alpha feature, may be removed or changed)
- deleteMyData ; Deletes ur data
- ping ; pings the bot and tells you how long it took
- featureRequest ; Request/suggest a feature. I appreciate it!
- bugreport ; Sends a bug report to the bot creator
- feedback ; tell us if you enjoyed the time with your hopefully new friend!
- credits ; Shows the credits
- invite ; sends the invite link for this bot
- support ; support the developer!

- delete ; lets people with administrator or manage messages bulk delete up to 1000 messages.
For Friends (you can join the main server and become a "friend" and that lets you use these commands and become friends with people):
- ao ; Allows you to accept a friend request
- o ; shows all the friend requests and their ids

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