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163 servers
Helping 292 servers get more active!
An entertainer bot whose main purpose is to make your server more active and aims to make it look more professional!
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Arkazi ~ A activeness booster bot and utility based bot to make your server look better and professinal.

Only the special features among the 40+ commands are listed here.


Tons of Mini-Games for you and your server members like connect 4, tictactoe, guess the word and many more with more being added eventually in updates.


Banner generator

Have the best banner generator facility where you can select between tons of fonts for your banner and even give it your favorite color.

Chat Reviver

Setup a smart chat reviver which detects if the chat is dead according to the timing which can be given by you!

Tip System

A tip system which drops tips while people are chatting, You can provide different info about your server's stuff.

Leveling Roles

Award the users with some cool roles when they reach a particular level!

These are not the only features available in utility section.

Event Builders

Guess The Number

Host a guess the number event in your server which will be monitered by arkazi!

Rock Papers Scissors

Allow your members to have a rps duel through arkazi.


User Purge

Clears all the messages of a particular user. Can be used by pinging the user with the command or by providing the user id.

Contains all other basic moderation commands but there's a new feature of optional DM informing the person who is being banned/kicked.

Fun, The chat revivers


One of the best commands to keep your chat active and ongoing.

Points System

Allows you to have a custom server currency for your server only. Users can gain points when they level up or admins can add/subtract the points.

So Much More Is Available!

This isn't the end! There are many tons of other features which are awaiting you!