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The Doge Bot, it's a bot which does stuff. yeah some stuff. it has various categories of commands like games, mod, anime
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it has various categories of commands like games, mod, anime, fun, etc. it is made by Chirag.#0888 (Chirag.#0001 or 611165590744203285) it has an AI chatbot built in, u can use it via `!ai ` ### Game Commands: - !hangman - play hangman with everyone in the chat - !tictactoe - play tictactoe with AI - !rps - rock paper scissors ### Utility Commands: - !messages - tells your messages in the guild - !suggest - suggest something in the guild - !avatar - get someone's avatar ### Giveaway Commands: - !gstart - start a giveaway - !gend - end a giveaway - !greroll - reroll a giveaway - !glist - list the giveaways in the guild ### Levelling Comamnds: - Can be turned off using `togglerankup` - !rank - tells your rank and XP - !leaderboard - tells the most active people ### Fun Commands: - !changemymind, Changes Your Mind - !ai, talk to AI, i guess - !jail, put someone into jail - !meme, the meme gods love me - !rip, RIP idk more - !shit, make someone look as shit - !spank, spank someone - !youtube, make a fake yt comment - !jumble, sends a random word and gibs IQ if correct - !iq, tells ur IQ earned by jumble command - !imposter, tells if someone or u are the imposter or no? many more commands